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For sale by owner, includes complete setup for manual and CNC milling, turning and grinding with expansive inventory of tooling and gauges.  Profitable, turnkey operation with long term customers.


Northwest Suburban Chicago Machine Shop

The name of the real machine shop

The business is located within three miles of downtown Roselle, IL.  We value our relationships with our customers and do not want them to be concerned about the sale of the machine shop.  That is why we are channeling contact through mymachinist.com instead of using the real company name.  Any information that you provide us through email or phone will also be treated confidentially.


Please pardon our chips.  We've been busy.

Our Customers

Customers are from a variety of industries.  The two most common are precision motion control for automation and specialty testing equipment.  But, the range is much broader, from bearing houses to food processors.  Current sales are the highest in our history.

What we do and why it works.

We machine a variety of materials.  Most production is in aluminum.  Other common materials are steel, plastic, stainless and tool steel.  Recently, we have seen an increase in harder materials like 17-4 PH and 4140.  We have even machined a wood mold for vacuum forming.  In house milling, turning, grinding and broaching means that most products do not require outside machining.   That gives us better control over our schedule and quality. The broad range of capabilites has made us a one stop shop for our customers.  Manual capabilites allow us to quickly make that one off or prototype part.  Customers are usually reluctant to switch vendors as quantities grow.  We can then switch to more automated CNC production. Repeat orders are common.  Helped by saved prints, programs and custom tooling they are some of our most profitable jobs.


The machine shop is operated by two seniors working a combined total of about 50 hours a week.  It is time to retire.

Is it for you?

There has been a 30% growth in sales from 2013 to 2016, and 2017 sales were 14% above 2016 sales .  Growth potenial is real.  We are willing and want to assist new ownership for a smooth transition, possibly continuing on a part time basis.  We have greatly enjoyed being our own bosses and hope to see new people enjoy it as much as we have.

Why sell now?

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